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good morning, america. a brewing tropical storm on track to slam the gulf coast. is this about to turn into the first hurricane of the season? the latest on where it will hit. countdown isis. just four days to go as the u.s. gets closer to running out of credit, global markets spooked and still no deal on capitol hill. will either side cave, and what happens if they don't? vanished. an 11-year-old girl disappears overnight. no clue, no suspects. was she snatched from her bedroom as her parents slept feet away. the frantic search for celina cass. did advertisers go overboard brushing up the original pretty woman? the crackdown on flawless photos.
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and good morning, everyone. and, boy, the tension is rising on capitol hill. behind closed doors, the house speaker john boehner browbeating his tea party troops. big vote on his plan today but, robin, that doesn't mean this crisis is any closer than being solved. hat doesn't mean this >> far from it. plus, a remarkable story of survival after a trip to a family reunion went terribly wrong, how one man hung on for help, used his socks to save his life. >> treaded water for 17 hours, unbelievable. also, alex trebek, what a strange story. now he is a crime fighter. a burglar broke into his hotel room. he decided to take her on. he hurt himself in the process. getting to the bottom of that story coming up. right to the tropical storm taking aim at the gulf coast. sam is back with us in the studio and has been tracking the
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latest on don. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin, good morning, george. let's get to don and put it right in the circle of suspicion because last night, see, wait, wait, wait, go, go, go, okay, we're not going to get the circle. max, put the circle on it. it was a rainstorm that moved from cuba to cancun. there is where it is. it is a small storm capable of large fluctuations in strength. here's where the hurricane center has it moving. 2 a.m. on saturday, long path through the gulf. plenty of warm water to develop in. by 2 a.m. saturday morning it's right off the coast near padre island, south padre island and think it will move into texas capable of producing a good, heavy 6 inches of rain, not enough for problems going on and weak enough it shouldn't be a real big coastal system. we'll talk about all of that in a second. george? >> now to the showdown over the debt ceiling. a little over four days and
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counting before the limit is hit. the financial world beginning to react with the dow dropping every day this week, foreign markets following overnight but democrats and republicans seem no closer to a deal. abc's jon karl is covering it from capitol hill. we are seeing fire from the house speaker. >> reporter: we sure are. this vote today on his debt ceiling plan is the highest-stakes vote of his term as speaker of the house, and he is doing everything he can to get those tea partyers in line. john boehner is now demanding republicans stand with their party. in a closed door meeting he had a stern message for tea partyers who just don't like his debt ceiling plan. boehner told them get your ass in line. sources at the meeting tell abc news, a day after another republican leader attempted to rally the troops with a clip from the movie "the town." >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later and we're going to hurt some people.
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>> which car are we going to ta take? >> reporter: allen west liked what he heard. >> i told him i would drive the car. >> they could have used "rudy," "hoosiers," "band of brothers" but this is the movie they decided on. >> reporter: maybe they can use a clip from "meatballs." >> it just doesn't matter. i tell you it just doesn't matter. >> reporter: while boehner was trying to convince them, democrats were denouncing them. >> speaker boehner should not and we cannot let a small bloc of house republicans lead the whole nation off a cliff. >> reporter: and it's not just democrats worried about the tea party, john mccain blasted those who refused to vote for any debt ceiling increase unless congress first passes a balance budgeted amendment. >> it's unfair, it's bizarreand
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maybe some people really believe that. others know better. >> reporter: even if boehner can pass his bill in the house today and republicans are increasingly confident, george, that he will, democrats say it is dead on arrival in the senate. in fact, all 353 democrats wrote a letter saying they oppose the bill and so do a handful, five or so, republicans. >> reporter: the president says he would veto it anyway. jake tapper now. jake, from the white house perspective they are acknowledging boehner is likely to get the votes but it is more imperative that a compromise comes after that vote. >> reporter: that's right. they say this bill today has no path to the president's desk. it can't pass the senate. the senate -- the president has said he would veto it so right now vice president biden and the republican leader of the senate mitch mcconnell are talking about what to do if the boehner bill fails in the senate, which seems likely. what is the plan. i don't know if it's plan b but
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plan g or e or whatever it is, what is that path? >> john, they're talking about compromise but they're saying this is their final compromise. after they vote on it they expect the senate to pass their bill. >> reporter:s that is right. i have spoken to a lot of these republican, not just tea partyers but most in the house say this boehner bill does not go far enough but they are going to compromise and support it and say now this is a take it or leave it offer for the senate. >> take it or leave it so they expect the white house to cave. the white house saying they're not going to do that which means this is likely to play out at least through the weekend, right up until that deadline on august 2nd. so what is the white house and treasury department doing to peep for that contingency that we roll into the beginning of default tuesday? >> reporter: well, for weeks the treasury department and the white house have been talking about what bills can they pay given a mandate to pay them but
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no ability to do so if congress does not raise the debt ceiling and we should have a briefing on that, i would expect, no earlier than friday after the markets close. the top priority for treasury is to pay those interest payments on the debt because if they don't there is default and the markets will tumble and then, of course, also we have about $90 billion in pre-existing debt that needs to be rolled over. big questions about that will be even able to happen. so that's a top priority. after that who know, social security, pentagon contractors, we'll hear from them probably tomorrow. >> jake and jon, thank you both very much. now let's bring in josh. >> good morning to all of you. it's clear this gridlock in washington is coming at a dangerous time for the economy as a new survey from the federal reserve has found economic conditions have worsened in most regions thanks largely to hi unemployment. weak home sales and a slowdown in the manufacturing sector.
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meanwhile, figures out on health care costs are causing more concern. government experts predict health care spending will account for one out of every five dollars in the u.s. economy. an average of $13,700 for each american. compared to only 8,600 per person now. in los angeles, it took police in riot gear hours to clear a crowd trying to crash a movie premiere at the famous grauman's chinese theatre about an electronic music festival. the lawyer for the hotel maid accusing former international monetary fund head dominique strauss-kahn says his client was misquoted. nafissatou diallo met with prosecutors for nearly eight hours wednesday hoping to revive her case and for the first time they listened to recorded conversations she had with a
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jailed african immigrant. the attorney says diallo never discussed strauss-kahn's wealth or his status as officials had claimed. alex trebek will undergo surgery tomorrow after suffering a serious leg injury, no, not on the set of his game show but after a literal run-in with a very brazen robber. >> "jeopardy's" alex trebek. >> reporter: we all know him as the game show host, renowned pop culture icon, skewered in "snl" skits. what about alex trebek, crime fighter? >> alex trebek. >> reporter: after appearing on crutches yesterday while hosting the national geographic world championship in san francisco, trebek told the audience that he had torn his achilles tendon while chasing a burglar from his room whom he says stole jewelry, cash and credit cards at this hotel.
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>> i fell in an ig know mennous heap to the carpeting bruising my other leg in the process. >> reporter: police say he was chasing this woman, lucinda moyers who was caught moments later by hotel security. she is now facing charges of burglary and receiving stolen property. >> they recovered some of the stolen items minus the cash near an ice machine on one of the floors of the hotel. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, it's a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago so that's gone and i figure she stashed it somewhere in the hotel and will come back to retrieve it someday. >> after tomorrow's surgery the 71-year-old trebek will be in a cast for some six weeks. and finally, quite a sight. the chesapeake bay off virginia. look at this, 130 wild horses swimming across this channel for the annual shifk teague pony swim.
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rounded up each year on a nearby island and auctioned off to benefit the volunteer f fe department that cares for them proving once again, robin and george, you cannot go wrong with ponies in the morning. >> remember that great kids' book. >> i was thinking of that, josh, thanks. sam wants to talk more about texas. >> the top of the show rewe rinded you don, tropical storm don could bring much-needed rain to south texas. let's tell you about what's going on in texas. the entire state, 99% of the state is in a level of drought right now. if you look at the bright red area, that puts it at 75% of the state of texas in the worst 75%.l of drought. ryan owens is in texas to talk more about its worst drought and costliest drought in history. ryan. >> reporter: this is lake travis, texas, or what's left of it. it's been an awfully long time since anyone could use this slide which may explain why some here are actually praying for a hurricane. rancher skeeter stoles can
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barely believe his eyes when he looks at this pond. but his tape measure doesn't lie. where there used to be 12 feet of water, there are cracks in the mud almost a foot down. >> we would love to see a tropical storm with rain and moisture and not a lot of wind to hit the spot. >> reporter: the last nine months have been the driest ever recorded. some area lakes are so low officials shut them down. their warm stagnant water is a breeding ground for toxic algae and bacteria. animals are suffering too. rescuers found these starving and dehydrated. even the bats which have become a bit of a tourist attraction hanging out under this bridge in austin are so desperate for food, they've started emerging earlier in the evening. so perhaps humans aren't the only ones hoping one force of nature can wash away the lingering effects of another. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, austin.
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>> now we mentioned that don is a small storm and so that means it can have real variations in strength and path. we use a system of models that we call spaghetti models and lay them all on one graphic to see where the computer models think this storm is headed. likely headed south of corpus christi and think it's south padre island by saturday morning is where those of those areas take the storm into. so it's a saturday and sunday rainmaker for i think only south texas because of the size of this storm. now, it could have some good rainfall totals, 3 to 5, 3 to 6 inches in the area shaded this red that would go into the red zones. what we need it to be fairly weak along the coast so there's not coastal damage and pause in texas to give it good soaking rain before it pulls up a little bit watching it closely moment by moment and hope that area gets a good soaking rainfall out of it. here's the zone in the country that is still under the big heat. memphis, 96, oklahoma city, 102. big map, where the severe storms have been rolling. tough in detroit this morning and chicago for awhile. we'll talk more about that in
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the next hour.
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>> as we watch don, robin, by the way, tropical storm don is about 600 miles southeast of corpus christi, texas, this morning. >> keeping an eye on it. usually you have to wait untili you go outside. big crowd here taking pictures of you and you were just so focused about don. very impressive. >> thank you. >> let's turn to the phone hacking scandal that's rocking rupert murdoch's media empire. cnn anchor piers morgan now defending himself against accusations he knew about illegal phone hacking when he was editor at two paper, one of them owned by murdoch. abc's nick watt has the latest from london. >> reporter: the tide of scandal is now lapping at the well-pressed pant cuffs of the man who took larry king's chair and the america's got talent self-proclaimed loud mouth.
7:16 am
because before all that -- >> two major british newspapers for 11 years. >> reporter: and listen carefully to this recently unearthed interview. >> and what about this nice middle class boy who would have to be dealing with i mean essentially people who rake through bin ladens for livings and take secret photographs and nasty down in the gutter stuff. >> well, to be honest, to put that in perspective. not a lot of it was done. a lot was done by third parties rather than the staff itself. that's not to defend it because you were running the results of their work. >> reporter: morgan refused to speak to us but did speak to his own network, cnn. >> for the record in my time at "the mirror" and "news of the world" i have never hacked a phone, told anybody to hack a phone or published any story based on the hack of a phone. >> reporter: he gave us a statement which reads in part "my answer was not specific to any of the numerous examples she gave but a general observation
7:17 am
about tabloid newspaper reporters and private investigators." but there's more. writing in "the daily mirror" morgan once attributed a big scoop to learning of a phone message and a disgruntled reporter to whoshged for morgan said phone hacking was endemic. on twitter he accuses liar, druggy ex-bankrupt and con men." he lost his job for unwittingly publishing fake photographs but since flourished on tv. his tabloid past is now tapping him on the shoulder and just might wipe the smile from his face. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. we'll turn to the latest backlash against air brushing in advertisements. critics says it sends an unhealthy message to girls and yesterday it was banning magazine adsds featuring julia roberts and christy turlington.
7:18 am
bianna golodryga, it's hard to see why they would never need to be air brushed. >> an extraordinary step, george. british officials dubbed the advertisement as an aspirational picture saying excessive air brushing and digital manipulation have become the norm. two naturally beautiful women who don't need retouching to look great. they say this ban sends a powerful message to advertisers, let's get back to reality. they're two of the world's most beautiful and famous faces. international superstar julia roberts and supermodel christy turlington so why would these photos of them be banned in the uk? take a look at their seemingly flawless faces. look closer, closer. still flawless, right? well, the uk government says the ads for makeup giant l'oreal have digitally enhanced the photos too much accusing them of false advertising. >> the retouching wasn't even just stylistic it was actually trying to pretend that the product would achieve something which it clearly wouldn't achieve. >> i would like to see an ad has how they look and how the makeup
7:19 am
looks on them. >> reporter: in most cases like this one, the subjects posing in the ad campaigns don't control how it's edited. that's usually left up to the ad sponsors and created some famous controversies over air brushing and digital enhancements. careerny knightley went from an "a" cup to a size "c." when they tried to do it four years later she said no. kate winslet publicly criticized this "gq" cover saying they reduced her thighs by a third. >> makeup age eyelashes were done. everything was smoothed out. skin was totally smoothed out. there are no lines, crow's feet, no laugh lines at all. probably the whole shot has been color corrected and manipulated to make the skin tones right and then they've probably made a mask in the dark areas and they made them a little darker. the only way you can do a demonstration like this. >> reporter: i'm no supermodel but why not put an ordinary
7:20 am
photo of me to the photoshopping test. here i am before. and here's what i look like after. no more dark undereyes, or smile lines. i even have longer eyelashes. hmm, i think i could get used to the new and improved bianna. they even removed a mole but in a statement from l'oreal the company said "we do not believe that the ad exaggerates the effect that can be achieved using this product. the consumer tests among over 100 women showed 77% agreed the product made their collection shonns look radiant and luminous." the debate will go on but it was a big move. >> you need no air brushing done. >> coming up, vanished without a trace. what really happened to 11-year-old celina cass? was she kidnapped from her own bedroom. the killer coyotes that may be moving on next door. why they're on the loose in so many neighborhoods. a real-life family drama for
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. #:26. -- 7:26. the cloud are from this cluster from the great lakes. it's throwing cloud cover our way. some of you south of and a
7:27 am
misare seeing more sunshine. our temperatures holding at 70 in easton, 72 in baltimore and hagerstown. 65 up towards york,p.a.a mixture of clouds and sun. more clouds will build in during the afternoon. a sign of the humidity trying to build up and a chance of scat #erd showers and storms -- scattered showers and storms will hold us to 92. scattered showers possible after midnight towards daybreak tomorrow. but a bit muggy with lows in the 70s. let's see what's happening on the roads with tanya. >> reporter: 50 westbound at the bay brag disabled vehicle if the right lane. -- bay bridge a disabled vehicle in the right lane. volume southbound to the right of the screen moving away from the camera. one of the incidents we have going on is 895 northbound before the toll plaza, no lane info but an accident there. good morning. news headlines this morning. on the outside elite spa looks like a massage parlor but
7:28 am
inside, boughtmore county home was a -- baltimore county home was brothel many after wiretaps and surveillance police raided the place and the operation used more than 20 asian women to staff a prostitution ring with broges in pens vain -- brothels in pennsylvania, new york and new jersey. now back to "good morning america" and we will have a weather and traffic update in about 30 minutes. have a great thursday.
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take a look at those coyotes on the prowl in neighborhoods all around the country. imagine even seeing them in your nearest grocery store. remember that? we'll tell you why so many of them are turning up now and what it will take to stop them as we say good morning, america, friday eve, this thursday morning. also this morning, boy, this is a story, leighton meester, the star of "gossip girls" in a real fight with her mom sending her mom to take care of her sick younger brother but says her mom essentially stole the younger mother suing her mother, her mother suing her right back. >> that's going to be our next hour. in this half hour we'll start with a mysterious disappearance of an 11-year-old girl in new hampshire. authorities have spent the past 48 hours searching on foot and
7:31 am
by air. now they have focused their search on the place where celina cass was last seen and that is her home. abc's ron claiborne joins us from west stewartstown, new hampshire, with more on this. good morning, ron. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. well, that search for celina is going to be intensified with a doubling or tripling of the manpower as you were saying. yesterday investigators were combing the home and property of her home in the house behind me. so far no trace of celina. now, an fbi abduction team of experts has been called in. >> we pray to the lord. >> reporter: last night nearly half of the entire population of this small town gathered for a very emotional very solemn vigil for celina. >> it's a small town where you don't expect anything like this. everybody knows everybody. everybody loves everybody. everybody takes care of everybody. this is not supposed to happen. not here. >> reporter: and not far beneath the surface, fear.
7:32 am
is there a mood of fear not knowing what happened? >> very, very scared. everybody is scared. not much we can do except pray for her. you know, i wish everybody would. >> reporter: celina cass' parents say they last saw her monday night. she was at home on the computer. the next morning when they went to wake her up, she was gone. yesterday investigators were seen poring over clothing in a red pickup truck parked next door to celina's family's home. the fbi has been called in to assist. >> we have deployed our child abduction rapid deployment team, which consists of multiple special agents with specialized experience in child abduction cases. >> reporter: search parties including border patrol agents continue to scour this remote rural area on the new hampshire/canadian border and
7:33 am
pictures emblazoned with the 11-year-old girl who has torn open every heart in this closely knit town and as you see here people are just heartbroken, very upset about what's happened here. investigators, meanwhile, say they are con seng traiting on the phone and computer records inside of celina's home trying to figure out what she was looking at on the computer last monday night and who she may have been speaking to on the phone. back to you, robin. >> could be so key. all right, ron, thank you. we'll bring in brad garrett to talk more about this. brad, no sign that she ran away. no sign she was abducted. what are the other possibilities we're look at? >> you also have to look at the family because what is the history of her relationship with her stepfather and her mother and her 13-year-old daughter -- or sister. what went on there? has the police ever been to that house for any reason for
7:34 am
domestic abuse or child abuse? that would be one aspect but there's not been any reporting, robin, of that so if it were me, i would focus more on what has changed in celina's life in the last 24 or 48 hours? has she talked about any person? is she communicating with different individuals online? has she told the girlfriends? the key with kids this age, they tend to talk with friends is interview those other 11-year-olds and 12-year-oldses that she associates with either online or in person. does she talk about some guy she met on the internet and she maybe ran off to meet him. all those things have to be looked at. the last thing obviously would be a stranger abduction and i think that's why they've called the fbi in because they will bring in and scrub virtually everything on her computer. that combined with doing detailed interviews of people that are in her immediate circle in the small town and i would
7:35 am
think from that, you should be able to pick up little pieces of information but at least give you a direction to go in this investigation. >> well, she has an open facebook account and that has to be of great concern. >> well, exactly because that means that anyone could go online and connect with her and we both know because we've talked about this a number of times, predators are out there looking for people like her that they can connect with and if she does not have a closed facebook page, that's a direct entree for someone who wanted to do an evil act. >> at first police and search crews were looking in outlying areas and then last night they taped off her home and they focused the search there. why the delay and what does that tell you, brad? >> well, delay many times, robin, is because if you look at missing children in the united states or in any other place of the world they tend to come back within a few hours so police in
7:36 am
many jurisdictions will not launch a full-scale investigation for a couple of days thinking the child has just wandered off and they will come back and so as a result, unfortunately, with that approach then you're two days behind in clues as to where she might be. >> and her parents have not made any sort of public statement. it's been a couple of days right now. some people are trying to read anything into that. that's not all that unusual, is it? >> it's not. and the investigators' job is to assess the parents and whether the parents -- if it advances the case to put the parents in front of a camera because some parents just don't come across and so as a result, what you don't want to do is put out information that is not going to help or advance the investigation. >> well, thanks for the helpful information you've given us this morning, brad. we sure do appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> george? >> now to those killer coyotes
7:37 am
roaming free. they're a real menace and they're growing more brazen in air attacks and david wright looks into why they're getting so bold right now. >> reporter: these days whenever linda malone takes carnegie for a walk she always dresses for battle. you got a stick, a whistle, a knife, you are seriously prepared. >> i am so serious. >> reporter: this gated retirement community in orange county is as safe as can be from criminals but not coyotes. there have been three attacks in the last three days. karen lost her little yorkie named pooh. >> by the time i knew anything happened, the dog was already dead. >> reporter: how often do you get calls about coyotes now? >> right now we're getting upwards of a dozen day. >> reporter: this animal officer says they're territorial and increasingly aggressive. used to be all they would go for was a chihuahua, yorkie, maltese and now they're approaching
7:38 am
german shepherds, standard poodles, things like that. >> reporter: big dogs. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's not just a california problem. >> yes, i believe coyotes are found in every state of the country. >> reporter: one wandered in a qu quizno's in downtown chicago. last week in broomfield, colorado, a coyote attacked a toddler and this west highland terrier was lucky to escape with his life. what should you do if you encounter one? >> we're advising people to walk in groups of two or three or at least have a walking stick, cane or a golf club because people have successfully fended them off. >> reporter: so linda malone has the right idea. >> that's my dog and i'm going to protect him. >> reporter: ready to defend little carnegie. >> this warrior mama. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, laguna wood, california. >> in orange county they're
7:39 am
consider an emergencymendment to allow residents to shoot at the coyotes. welcome back, sam. >> we'll talk about fireworks in one zone in particular a lot of heavy rain. in northern illinois we'll show you tornados forming. three of them in yesterday's line of storms. a lot of lightning, some heavy wind damage, some flooding rains running right through a lot of downtown streets. when we look at this zone and call it kind of the heat dome and that's the top of it and the ring of fire for the storms has been pretty steady and constant. chicago is in its wettest july on record and you'll get more thunderstorms through that now. northern illinois in general is getting soaking rains out of this. some thunderstorms, doppler estimates have been 7 to 11 inches of rain in one norm event lasting all day. here's where the heat goes, back into new york city friday. look how cool boston is, 79 degrees today. back in the 80s by saturday. washington, d.c., 100 degrees. by the time we get to friday. most of it will take the delmarva peninsula south and not
7:40 am
so bad as the last go-around. >> all that weather was brought to you by missy's. george, eyes on don, eyes on don. >> we are watching it all so when we come back, why some are putting the brakes on paying their traffic tickets after running red lights. ♪ yes i'm going to be a star .
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7:44 am
we have an update on the outrage caused by cameras designed to catch drivers running red lights being used in more than 500 communities around the country including big cities like atlanta, chicago, dallas and new york but yesterday the los angeles city council responded to complaints voting to end the stop light program. turns out the drivers who ignore them were getting away with it
7:45 am
and as abc's abbie boudreau found out that made just about everyone else angry. >> reporter: at the time it seemed like a good idea. a way to stop red light runners. these cameras are all over the place. and some drivers will do anything not to get caught. like put a box over their head or even wear a mask. but there are some close calls. when you're really not all that sure if you did get caught this will a ticket shows up in the mail with a picture of your face on it. along with a huge fine of around $500. but what if you decide you simply weren't going to pay? in the city of los angeles, it turns out that would be just fine. in fact, paying is essentially voluntary. angering those who shelled out hundreds. >> do i get a refund for the ones i already paid. >> reporter: they were shocked to learn there is no real enforcement. the court find these cases difficult to province the person receiving the ticket is often
7:46 am
not the one driving. >> if you paid the fine, you've paid the fine. if you didn't pay the fine for the most part you're able to get away with it. >> reporter: about 40% of ticketed drivers got away with not paying those hefty fines. that's why l.a. is dumping their red light cameras altogether. >> get rid of them. if you can't collect any revenues for them, what good are they doing for the city? >> reporter: the city will save around $1 million a year without those cameras. still, proponents of scrapping the cameras say most of the tickets are for rolling right turns. >> if they were interested in safety, then they would have made sure that they enforced the tickets. >> reporter: as for anyone thinking about refund, the city says it plans to put the brakes on that idea. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and when we come back, the real-life drama off screen tearing apart the family of "gossip girl" star leighton meester.
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coming up, one man's remarkable story of survival. he had to tread water for over a day and use his socks to save his life. matt gutman is headed back underwater where dolphins rule the waves. so secret we can't tell you the exact location. >> oh, come on. really? >> yeah. can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chcholate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly,
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we had a beautiful sunrise shot but clouds have been dominating the morning. and they are trying to fight sun through the clouds. it appears as if that may be the dominant feature. sunshine to the south near the naval academy where they are at 81 degrees. 78 glen burnie but holding on to the cloud cover low 70s fallston westminster. the clouds will increase through the afternoon. we may be intermittent this morning. we are looking for the small chance of showers as the system passes to the north.
7:57 am
two degree guaranteed high of 92. and we are looking for temperatures settling back into the 70s and muggy overnight a morning shower tomorrow and afternoon storm. 98 will -- will do it. mid 90s with scattered afternoon storms and hugh high mudity thisweekend. >> reporter: we have an accident reported in parkton heirsburg expressway southbound at york road. be aware of that. let's look outside at the beltway 695 at liberty road on the northwest side. starting to slow down on outer loop to the left of the screen. it has improved in the last few minutes. so the right of the screen is the inner loop. that is moving well. elsewhere we have a few incidents. 895 northbound before the harbor tunnel, that has cleared out of the way. and 895 northbound at route 3 spur the left lane had been blocked and just about a minute ago, it was moved over to the right shoulder. we have had heavy delays in that area but it's starting to
7:58 am
improve if you are traveling 895 northbound at root 3 spur. you can stay on it it is opening up. only issues right now is reisterstown to frederick road on outer loop. we have some congestion. now back to "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ they know how to use them great crowd, as always here in times square. they tell me to wait for a particular sign about george. where is it? where is it? ah, that was worth the wait. who's the other guy? oh, that would be you. you would be the other guy. oh. the same coat. well, playing zz top because when it comes to legs, lots of
8:01 am
fashion fans are stocking up on stockings, a look at whether panty hose may be back for good. >> i say it ain't so, robin. >> i was unclear they had ever gone. >> i thought in the staff meeting everyone l lked -- >> nice to know he'seen paying attention to our legs. >> there's certain things we should know. that might be one of them. >> let's move on. back underwater, he went to meet one woman who lives with dolphins and takes us to an amazing secret place where she's been with generations of them. he's having quite a week. >> coming up, big drama for one of the "gossip girl" stars and not on camera. leighton meester suing her mother saying her mom mishandled her money and her brother's care. why is her mom suing her right back. >> big story. josh, what news do we have. the vote that's planned on capitol hill today. the standoff over the nation's debt crisis. house speaker john boehner's
8:02 am
plan to raise the debt limit appears to be gaining more favor among republicans but even if it does clear today's vote it would likely only serve as a framework for a final deal because of opposition in the senate. meanwhile, on wall street investors appear to be calalr compared to questioned when the dow plummeted almost 200 points. in afghanistan a major attack on the government and a volatile southern province. three car bombings targeted the governor's house and police headquarters. at least 17 people have been killed. and this morning a faulty signal is being blamed for that horrifying train derailment in china killed 39 people and left hundreds injured in a rare move, the chinese railway institute took responsibility today admitting to design flaws. back in this country 250 homes had to be evacuated after this train derailed in northern los angeles county. many of the derailed cars often carry hazardous materials but authorities this morning say they found no chemical leaks.
8:03 am
a possible bombshell in the 4-year-old case of missing british girl madelieine mccann. she disappeared in portugal just shy of her 4th birthday. now dna testing is being conducted on a young girl in india spotted by a british tourist who said the girl resembles mccann now 8 years old. however, a french woman and her husband insist that they are the parents of the girl in question as the mccanns await those dna tests. and now an extraordinary fight for life. a new york pilot crashed his small plane into one of the great lakes while flying to wisconsin. somehow he managed to stay afloat for almost a full day. you can say he was, george, buowed by among other things a profound sense of human. >> a minus. >> he was quieting, shaking because he was very cold. >> reporter: he is an incredible survivor twice over. 42-year-old michael trapp rescued from lake huron wednesday after treading water for a remarkable 17 hours.
8:04 am
that after managing to successfully crash land his plane. it began during his flight from new york to wisconsin for a family reunion when his cessna's engine began to stall trapp ditched the plane in lake huron then he says he went into survival mode. first trying to signal passing boats by reflecting sunlight off his credit cards, then swimming 15 miles before finally flagging down a passing boat by waving his socks. >> just treading water. he had -- i think he said the only thing he this is his pants off because he had extra weight so basically in his undershirt and underpants. >> reporter: at 5'10", 200 pounds he told his rescuers he doesn't consider himself physically fit but sheer will carried him through because he said there are a lot of people that depend on him. >> he made a joke about he was determined if some skinny little girl could make it across the english channel then he could
8:05 am
swim it himself. >> he said laying in the water looking at the night sky makes you realize what's important in life. meanwhile, here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> so, josh, great to see you again this morning. and we're going to tell everyone about the dog who broke free of the backyard to run his way and we mean really run his way into the hearts of people all over the world. what did this dog do and whaha happened? find out tonight on "world news." >> i sure will. finally, have you seen this video. check this out. a florida marlins new teammate. that's a praying mantis on the ball cap. even takes a stroll down a dugout rail. not everyone so welcoming. watch logan morrison. i don't blame you, logan. the praying mantis on the atatck. the marlins thankfully went on to win the game but i would not have stuck around. >> that's what you get for trying to stare down a praying
8:06 am
mantis. >> praying mantis always wins. just make a note of that, always. >> let's get over to lara over at the big boaoa. >> hey, you guys. can you smell what the pop news index is cook thumb morning? it's lious. first up we have a glimpse into the future in a bike toyota is coming out with that wll can sh just by thinking about it now if they could figure out a way to do laundry with our mimis. look, ma, no hands. all right. we move on. i love that. this is big. taking the web by storm hot website called snakkle. i love that name. it has amazing pictures of the stars before and after they became famous, the big hair, the embarrassing roles, it's one of the hottest sites going and one
8:07 am
of the hottest photos on that site or a group of photos, these are the bachelorette's top messes and successes they like to call them just in time for the big finale next week and they've also sent us a sampling of their name game. look at this cute high schooler. any idea who this is? anybody? >> no. >> zach galifianakis of "hangover" fame. we've now outed him as a wholesome boy. this is cute. e words hippo, graceful normally don't go hand in hand. don't tell it to this baby. we want to give a cheer. give a cheer for the 7-month-old hippo who has become an internet sensation. he spends his day underwater shaking that groove thing which is no small feat as his mom looks on with pride. odama means glory in swahili because this little showoff
8:08 am
appears to be in all his. finally, every woman knows what these are. let's face. spanx are the most inspired invention since the telephone and now the undershorts that feel a little bit like sausage casing but work wonders are coming out of the closet, so to speak. they came out with wiggle reducing authorities and leggings meant to be worn with pride on the outside. it is featured in a new commercial showing a woman doing everything but working out. that's the weird part but my favorite part is the slogan, wear the pants, feel the power. and thats at's your pop news he index. >> this is when we lay out. >> talking about panty hose and spanx. >> watching -- >> i know way too much. way too much here >> that's why i'm here for you josh. >> thank you, lara. sam, let's get outside with the people outside. >> we are out in times square. with the luxurious abc news "good morning america" for one
8:09 am
of lara's segments a beach colored, beach colored, ah, kind of nice, isn't it? >> yes. >> olivia, how do you feel? >> good. >> feels great. to the boards. one or two things we want to get to. shows out of galveston, texas. here's why we're watching it, that hurricane watch from south to the galveston bay opening all the way down to the tip of texas and this is where we think don will find itself somewhere in that area. i would call it maybe south padre islandish so it could be a weekend of much-needed rain that extends from that area right around corporation, right around brownsville into san antonio, san angelo could get the benefit of this. houston may get a little bit of rain out of this but at the most it looks like about 2 to 6 inches. giant thunderstorms popping just about the same location, kind of stalled zone that will get thunderstorms as we've seen in the past couple of days and warming up on the eastern seaboard. we think we'll get some heat.
8:10 am
by friday. >> a little north carolina, texas and kansas in the house. back to you, lara. >> awesome. good morning, america. here's a look at what's ahead on our "gma" menu. from the red carpet to the courthouse "gossip girl" star leighton meester filing suit against her mom and her mom suing her right back. we have the details on that. and matt gutman gets up close and personal with dolphin families with a woman called the
8:11 am
dolphin whisperer. an undersea adventure you will not want to miss. if you love kate's style and frankly who doesn't you need to know what she's wearing under her dresses. say what. she is bringing back panty hose. are you going to follow the royal trend? coming up on "gma." we all have internal plumbing.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
school takes a lot. target has it all. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act and my skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser from the new line of neutrogena naturals. now to some real-life drama for "gossip girl"'s leighton meester suing her mom saying she stole money leighton had sent for her little brother and charges constance meester used the money and paid for plastic surgery. but now the mom is firing back with a countersuit against her daughter and juju chang has been following this family feud and is back with us now.
8:16 am
>> good morning, george. you know that mother/daughter relationships can get very complicated but when the daughter is a hot hollywood starlet and the mom is the former manager and there's tons of money at stake things don't just get litigious but downright ugly. it's a real-life drama worthy of the show she stars in. >> mother. >> on the hit show "gossip girl" leighton meester's character blair waldorf has a good relationship with her mother. >> risen enough to move. >> reporter: but life doesn't always imitate art. leighton and her real-life mother constance meester are currently embroiled in two troubling lawsuits over money. >> leighton and her mother have a long troubled relationship. her mother was in prison when she was born and her grandmother raised her. things seemed to take a turn a few years ago when leighton's
8:17 am
career started taking off. leighton wanted more professional management apparently. wanted her mother to be a mother and wanted to grow and separate herself as an adult. that's when things went south. >> can't find a date tonight? >> reporter: while the 25-year-old is best known for her tv roles in "gossip girl" and "entourage." she's also a movie star and singer. recently performing alongside gwyneth paltrow in the movie "country strong." >> don't get too involved with it. >> reporter: in court papers she alleged her mother misused funds. leighton says it was for medical care for her younger brother, alexander, a cancer survivor who recently underwent brain surgery. instead of using the $7,500 a month used for her son's care she spent the money on plastic surgery for her face and stomach. botox for her face. fillers for her hands. and hair extensions. she goes on to accuse her mother
8:18 am
of using painkillers prescribed for her own son. in a statement to "gma" constance meester's lawyer told us from the outset of this dispute connie desired to settle and stayed her filing at the request of leighton's lawyer so settlement could be pursued. this was a pretext to make leighton the injured party. constance meester is also firing back at her daughter with a lawsuit of her own claiming leighton has been physically abusive, once hitting her mother with a bottle and violating an agreement to pay her $10,000 a month for life. her daughter counters that no such agreement was ever made. the meesters are hardly the first hollywood parent/child feud over money. >> what you talking about, willis? >> reporter: the late actor from "diff'rent strokes," gary coleman was awarded 1.3 million. "home alone's" macaulay call
8:19 am
king was in a lawsuit also. a judge ruled the family's accountant would take care of his money until he was 18. >> this is a story as old as hollywood. the stage mom, overbearing trying to take too much of a role in their child. the child wanting to break away. >> reporter: but some families do manage to settle their arguments. >> i love you too, sweetie. >> reporter: mike "the situation" star of "jersey shore" fame dropped a lawsuit against his father who had agreed to stop trying to profit off his son's name. for the meester family suits and countersuits tend to get in the way of their stories' happy ending. >> this will have no impact whatsoever on leighton's career. people will judge her as an actress. they're going to evaluate her based on the projects that she does, the success of her movies and television shows. >> reporter: now we should point out many calls to leighton's lawyer asking for a statement
8:20 am
and we never heard back but the mother's lawyer sent us a lengthy letter from leighton's brother to seems to firmly be on the mom's side accusing her of all behavior and says "i'm upset over the way she's portraying me in the press as an invalid." his letter paints a very different picture. >> i'm sure that could have a real effect on the suit. it seems like such a troubled relationship. she was borng when her mother s in jail. >> well, she was busted for smuggling marijuana. she was in a halfway house when she was born and raised for awhile by the grandparents then the mother took her and the brother. now, the brother's letter points a different, you know, paints a different picture of the childhood. he says the mother sacrificed everything to help make leighton a star. >> we will see whether this actually has any impact on her career because the details are
8:21 am
so ugly here. >> absolutely. family dramas played out in the open is the last thing you want. >> not good for anyone. all right, guys. we just can't get enough of seeing matt gutman in a wetsuit. yesterday we sent our intrepid correspondent underwater to had hunt down poisonous lionfish. remember that. this time in the deep, no danger. all the vibes good. he got an exclusive tour of a secret dolphin community with one of the world's leading experts author of "dolphin diaries" founder of the wild dolphin project. here, take a look. ♪ >> reporter: somewhere off the coast of the bahamas lies an alternate universe, a place where dolphins rule. and we are only visitors. a world you never knew existed, a place so secret so scientifically important we had to promise not to reveal its exact location.
8:22 am
♪ this is the world dr. denise r herzing has inhabited for nearly 30 years and these wild spotted dolphins are her family. >> reporter: are they like your children, the ones you have known for generations. >> yeah, i've grown up with a lot of them. a lot of them, the grandmothers i knew and most survived and have reproduced. >> reporter: she has devoted her life to studying theirs called the jane goodall of dolphins she spent more time with dolphins than almost anyone else on earth. >> i can look at one of those and go, i know your brother and your sister and i remember when you were little and growing up. >> reporter: "gma" got exclusive access. >> what are they doing. >> reporter: to accompany this dolphin whisperer on her research ship out in the wild atlantic. but while we're looking for dolphins, they find us.
8:23 am
there's another one right there. suddenly it's a race to dive in. >> put your wetsuit on. >> reporter: before they swim off. >> we're going to find some dolphins. under the water, we are simply amazed. she has spent so much time with this pod she knows each dolphin, well, by name. she has photographed them, learned their spots and scars and id'd more than 370 of them. >> that was nassau on the cover of "national geographic." >> reporter: that was 1992. so this is 0 years later. that's right. this dolphin is this dolphin photographed for a cover story about herzing in 1992. wow. >> pretty cool. >> reporter: that is really cool. over the years she has learned to mimic their behavior. watch, this upside down swim is her hello and then this.
8:24 am
almost human affection. a mother gently pats her son's head. >> they have these strong family bonds and relationships and they're so smart. perfect combination. it's what we value in humans. >> reporter: her lifelong dream has been to communicate with the dolphins. you're close to it. you're getting closer but it still seems pretty far away. >> i thought after ten years out here we maybe would have a pretty good decoding thing happening already but it's so complex. >> reporter: earlier this year she made headlines when word leaked she was developing software to do just that. she says she and her colleagues are not there yet. so you spent 27 summers here. how many more summers do you think you need before you make that big breakthrough? >> i think with the right technology and focused time, i think three or four years. >> reporter: really? >> i think. >> reporter: so we're almost there. >> we're talk talking to dolphins. just trying to develop a interface and see how it potentially works between the
8:25 am
species and we'll see. >> reporter: if there's anyone who can do it it just may be her. >> it's important we know about our natural world, you know, it's a complex world. we tend to be very focused on our human lives and i think we've sort of lost that perspective and we need to know about the natural world to preserve it, protect it and respect it more. ♪ >> reporter: then as if on cue -- >> we found some dolphins. >> reporter: the dolphins find us again. >> we have dolphins? >> yes. >> reporter: we're back in the water as her motto goes, in their world, on their terms. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, somewhere in the bahamas. >> what a treat that must have been for matt. >> picture matt. never imagine him to be a journalist he would spend so much time underwater. it is so gorgeous. i didn't realize dolphins live that long. many more than 20 years. >> we saw on the cover of "national geographic." i spent a lot of time as you
8:26 am
know in the florida keys and it's true you flock to the same area on the boat where you can see the dolphins and we all do. you can read an excerpt from "dolphin diaries" at coming up, the royal trend that will have some of us covering up our legs and lara learned some must haves for the beach.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 8:27. we are looking at cloud to our north and some clearing to the south. and really intermittent because we are watching the band of rain. this is system moving to the east southeast across pennsylvania and new york will produce rain to the north. looks like the southern fringe will be very close to clipping the maryland pa lines. a possibility of getting showers close by into the afternoon. 69 currently in new york. but look at 79 in baltimore pushing for 92 this afternoon and small chance of afternoon storms and mugginess in the mid- 70s overnight. let's look at traffic with tonya. >> reporter: we have slow traffic on outer loop bel air to providence and reisterstown to frederick road. let's see how it is doing.
8:28 am
695 at liberty road, we have seen a little bit of an improvement on the outer loop to the left of the screen inner loop moving west an accident in the city north martin luther king junior boulevard at mulberry street. back to charley with your local news. >> baltimore county police are trying to track down a bank robbery suspect. this is a picture of the man police say robbed the bank on loch raven boulevard on july 19th. authorities say he hand the note to the teller indicating he had a wellon and took the money and left. police want you to look at this man because if you have information on it, you can call metro crime stoppers at 866-7- lockout or metro or crimes 274637 or mcs. now back to new york for more "good morning america" have a great day and see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i think we're alone now doesn't seem to be anyone around ♪ >> did you love tiffany or were you a debbie gibson fan? you'll have to see tomorrow when our summer concert series shows '80s with the women who owned the charts and t's tomorrow in central park and hope you'll join us. >> we have a big concert coming up next week, as well. august 5th, next friday, august 5th, nicki minaj will be here. there will be so many people who will want to get into that. you can pick up the tickets starting tomorrow by going to for nicki minaj next friday. >> my friends are going nuts about that. >> have you too? >> my, that's going to be fun.
8:31 am
>> awesome. she's fun and she's kind of cute. all right, guys, time to go to the beach in the summerer i mean, really. so we've got great gear and toys for you. a little fashion and, of course, some lara's list it's always a bargain so check it out. >> i love how we keep talking and these mannequins. >> don't mind the pan quinns. >> stuck between legs. panty hose. who knew? we have an amazing story coming up, the man who changed his body to change his life, his remarkable medical journey is straight ahead. >> we've got to focus. >> this is all bad. nothing good comes of it. >> hey, hey. >> let me move over here because sharyn alfonsi is with us. because we have a royal fashion trend and this may be coming back thanks to kate. >> good old kate middleton. you know, you look at these, a lot of us think of sheer hose, those orange hose they used to have in the '70s.
8:32 am
remember momma from "momma's family" with her hose down around her angles. these may be making a comeback. ♪ >> reporter: she is perhaps the most modern fashion icon today. which is why the duchess of cambridge has left so many in they are disbelief. she's been spotted wearing panty hose. yep, right there and there, sheer panty hose. during her north american tour she wore stockings with dresses more often than not. >> basically every single time she is seen in public with a few exceptions where she was in boat shoes and jeans kate was in panty hose. kate's hose are so sheer and they look so good on her that people are taken by surprise to think that she was wearing panty hose. >> reporter: and a closer look revealed they had little nonslip grips on the pads of her feet proving again she's practical.
8:33 am
>> the beautiful thing about panty hose is they can cover a multitude of sing, some of those bumps and lumps that many women might have they smooth out and they just give you a much more polished put together look. >> reporter: nylons were all the rain in the u.s. from the '40s, well, into the '70s. ♪ gentlemen prefer hanes >> reporter: but for most of the last 20 years bare legs have ruled. >> i think of sheer hose, i think of those suntan hose or the hose my grandmother had. is that sheer hose today? >> that is so not sheer hose today. we have many different options. >> reporter: but once kate dipped her fashionable foot in a pair nude hose sales shot up 12% in the u.s. did people start calling. >> absolutely. oh, i saw this and it looked so fabulous and i didn't know there were so many choices and it's been a wonderful move for our
8:34 am
business. >> reporter: in the ukh achluk. hanes and l'eggs had a big rise. >> whatever kate touches turns to sold. >> reporter: back in the u.s. hollywood is starting to embrace the trend. sarah jessica parker, hayden panettiere and mischa barton, still not everyone is convinced there will be a run on stockings any time soon. >> nude panty hose, yes or a no? >> i don't think so. not for me. >> iendz of old fashioned, out of style. >> they have comfortable. they don't look natural. i don't like them. >> it's just too hot right now to even think about them. but these are not grandma's hose. i grew up with the one that were in the egg, $3.99. these cost $35 to $60. if you run them how awful will you feel. >> you're always knocking your
8:35 am
knees. >> i have absolutely no grace but then again my grandmother-in-law is not the queen. >> mine is like, i can't believe you're on tv without them. let's do a little survey. do you want to go back to panty hose? >> all: no! >> we've been liberated. we've london liberated. >> i'm looking at you. >> no, i -- would any of you wear them? >> all: no! >> if you would wear them shout yes. >> yes. >> one or two. >> one or two. >> mom, is that you over there. >> in november. >> in november. maybe that's the point. all right. >> they're pretty. >> but let's not bring in november weather in just yet. let's keep the heat. one or two things going on. we'll show you pictures of places that have had too much heat and not enough rain. this was amazing to us. this is a real twitter picture taken outside of austin between
8:36 am
austin and houston. look how dry the ground is and look at the separation. do you think anything could grow there? do you think anything could graze there? no and that's how dry it is in texas. 102 in oklahoma city, dallas, 100 degrees and i need to point out this year, 32 days in a row of 100 plus temperatures in places like austin, texas. milder, a little bit milder into the northwest. portland, you get to be 80 degrees today and so does atlantic city but then you have been for awhile and portland has not.
8:37 am
>> this was brought to you by neutrogena. >> lamp shade. remember that -- >> ralphup e. where he broke the lamp. kind of what that reminds me of a little. >> i'm sure. coming up next, we have a really good story for you. it's, you know, a gentleman who had to take -- >> go ahead. >> a medical procedure and something that transferred not only his body but it changed his life so come on back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
now to a medical condition that affects a lot more men than you might think called gyneco t gynecomatia and one man who will share his experience. such a difficult issue for so many to discuss. >> good morning. it really is a tough one and it's constantly joked about on tv. you know, people, men have a hard time talking about it but we're about to introduce you to one man who is talking about it and sharing his story because he wanted to help others. but, remember, this is a sensitive issue and some of these images may not be suitable for children. you're about to see an incredible transformation. one man who is about to change his body and his life with our cameras rolling. >> i have good news for you. >> reporter: but to understand this moment you have to understand his journey which starts with a love story.
8:41 am
kathy was 15. eric was 17. >> he was a good-looking guy. >> reporter: and it was love at first sight. more than a decade later when they crossed paths again, it was as if they had never been apart but something had changed for eric. >> when i was in the military, 1994, actually i was in boot camp and i felt like a lump underneath of my nipple. >> reporter: thankly a biopsy showed it wasn't cancer but the problem got worse in his mid-20s. >> right side started growing too and expanded themselves to their current condition, which now i would say i'm an "a" cup. >> a condition that causes male breast tissue to swell and take on a distinctly female shape. >> some of the most common causes are side effects from medicine, obesity is another one, hormonal imbalance, unspecified, a lot of the time
8:42 am
we don't know what caused the gynecomastia. >> 30% of boys experience temporary swelling but eric's is permanent. >> how is it for you in the bedroom when you had to take your shirt off and things got a little intimate. >> i was afraid of how she would react when she saw me, like that because i mean it had been ten plus years since we had been together. is she going to just try to be nice to me and run away screaming later. >> what did you think when the shirt came off. >> i had two children and i had stretch marks too and i had concerns showing him so that made me feel better, okay, nobody is perfect but i could see his discomfort with it and it made me love him more. >> reporter: the high school sweethearts are now married with three beautiful girls, but eric's struggle persists. >> she'd say, oh, you look good and i'd be like, yeah, right.
8:43 am
if you like a guy with whatever -- i'd say things, things to diminish myself. >> reporter: your self-confidence took a big hit. one of the most popular jokes was the man bro. >> the manzierre. >> too close to home. stuff like that is -- >> put off by the invasive procedure for corrective surgery eric decided to try to live with it. >> every single day everything i do i think about it. >> reporter: he doesn't even feel comfortable swimming shirtless with his kids in his own pool so this spring when eric heard about a new less invasive surgical procedure, he went to the sonobello clinic to check it out. after establishing he has a healthy diet and exercise resume. he determines he is a good candidate. >> pressing the reset button on his chest.
8:44 am
>> the sooner the better is the way i looked at it. >> reporter: and kathy is eager to see him shed his self-consciousness. >> that's what i'm looking forward to him changing to get him happy again. >> i'm not unhappy. i'm just not happy with -- >> comfortable. >> -- with my own skin we'll say. >> reporter: the surgery takes about three hours and eric is wide awake the whole time. dr. rollins uses the latest liposuction t.j. followed by a laser to make it smooth. >> using fine sandpaper to finish the woodwork it's like. >> reporter: they track his gradual recovery for 2 1/2 months. when i catch up with him, the difference is remarkable. >> she likes the water. >> reporter: how has life changed for you. >> i feel far better than i ever did. >> reporter: he went to the beach on our trip and took off his shirt and playing with the kids in the water and that's something i never thought i'd see him do. >> no shirt. no worries.
8:45 am
>> now he's getting a sun burnt back because it hasn't been exposed to the sun for so long. >> reporter: do you think he looks sexier now. >> i always thought he looked sexier but, yes, i do. he carries himself much better now. it's not self-confidence an not slouching and stretching out his shirt. now looking at himself in the mirror he's happier and that makes him much sexier. >> reporter: a new lease on life? >> yes, definitely. >> and eric's condition is actually different from what you would see in overweight men. he has a hormonal imbalance so is now taking testosterone injections to keep this condition away and, george, he is expected to get even flatter hopefully over the next year as the swelling continues to go down. >> it's so impressive to see them both dealing with this in such a healthy, open way. >> it really was. i was really impressed with his wife how accepting she was and
8:46 am
she made him feel so good about himself even when he didn't feel like he should, so it shows you too that men have body images as well. we always think of women but it's men too. >> it's true and of course you'll have a lot more of this interview tonight on "nightline." still ahead,d, the best gea you need to hit the beach. "lara's list" is coming up.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ hot town summer in the city >> we need mikes. do we have mikes? hello, everybody. are you miked? are you good. "lara's list." i love finding bargains. great time to get to the beach.
8:49 am
>> kwai. >> so we'll get right to it. we'll start, josh, with these wonderful switch flops. >> these are -- is that a broach? >> they don't come in big boy sizes but the thing that's neat, women buy a lot of flip-flops, i wanted to find a way to reduce cost. you buy one pair and you can switch them. thousands of different combinations. these are $14. the flops are about $35. >> do they make these for men? >> i don't think yet but you can make that happen. we'll have information on the website. also these medallion, waterproof. inexpensive and a way to enable your flip-flops to go with every single style that you wear. we love those. >> yeah, we do. >> i'll work on the men's thing. same designer makes these totes. totes are key in the summer when going to the beach. why not be fashionable. >> coordinate it with your flip-flops? is that something you do? >> i kind of do. >> is that something i should be doing? >> i would like you to. >> do they make to its for men.
8:50 am
>> they do indeed. they are on point, on trend, under $40 and, again, from the same designer lindsay phillips. i'm not sure if you noticed but floppy hats are back. >> they totally make these for men. >> yeah, these are by j. crew. you've seen a lot of stars wearing them everyone from kate hudson, jessica simpson, josh elliott. >> why not. >> exactly. not only fashionable, really on point but also a great way to keep your skin looking ever so young and fresh. don't you dare. anyway, so moving right along, this is made for boys. this is right up your alley. this is a cooler that also plays music. so as you are chilling your beverages you can be playing cool tunes at the beach. it lightens the load and only $55. >> the tv/vcr back in the day.
8:51 am
>> absolutely. >> we all fell for that for about a day and a half. >> $55 and makes a great gift and it's on rollers so we have the information on that, as well. right? i love that. the coolatio. >> the coolaudio. >> you're supposed to be helping me, not harassing me the entire time. let's get to the fun stuff now. >> okay! what's next? >> this is called jooby ball. remember kadima? the newest take. it's really fun. it's waterproof and the balls are orange. you won't lose them. play in water. >> what do i do? literally throw them? you promise not to sue. >> oh, wow, i can see this is going to go well. >> and that is why -- so it's really fun. my son loves it. i mean, really, this is like a
8:52 am
frat house. djubi is very fun at the beach. i love it. playable in the water and $25. >> playable in the water? thth's not true. >> oh, you're the athlete. all right. this is for your daughter, really cute. >> this is great. >> a cupcake making fad by melissa & doug. really inexpensive at $14.99. you can make sand flavor and sand flavovo >> for my daughter, right? >> delicious, kids love it and a fun way to spend time at the beach while listening to tunes in the cooler. always have to be safe at the beach so two really quick products. how much time do i have? really great. i'll give you information on the website. >> tick, tick, tick, tick. >> so dead. just look on the website for two other great products i would have gotten to if i wasn't hanging out with captain immaturity. we'll be right back with more, everybody. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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hebrew national hot dogs are the best of the best of the best. they don't get any bester than this. omg, it's kosher! with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better than a hot dog, hot dog. hebrew national hot dogs are unlike any other all-beef hot dog. every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4, kosher. no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better than a hotdog, hotdog. [ cheers and applause ] lots of people out here today. great stuff here. so much fun, you gugu. >> yeah, that's one word for it. >> i hope you got a lot of useful information from me. >> we'll have a lot of fun tomorrow. debbie gibson and tiffany, central park, summer concert.
8:56 am
all coming up. >> always online at, and, of course, watch diane sawyer on -- would you two just stop it. diane sawyer on "world news." have a great day, everyone. good morning, just before
8:57 am
9:00. we're still dealing with the cloud cover across the northern fringe. the clouds are, are starting to make their way through today, even through the showers may be flirting and skirting across the maryland-pennsylvania line. as we watch it going to the north, and the shower threat is knocking in our door. it is the leading edge of some more warmth. there may be scattered showers in pennsylvania. it doesn't indicate much south of the border but there could be a better chance, whidbey and the border counties. as we're watching overnight and in the west, could spawn overnight and early morning showers nearby. this is some of the leading edge of some warmer air. that will open the floodgates, topping to the heat dome that's dominated a nation. that gets back in here tomorrow. we're looking for a very sticky sultry oppressive day that may give way of showers and storms
8:58 am
in the afternoon. by the weekends, we will pullback and mainly just scattered afternoon storms. increasing clouds, aim at 92. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. you'll notice the increase in humidity. because of the cloud cover, temperatures will be cooler in the 80s, north of baltimore. tonight, it will be in the 70s, need muggy, bit buggy and a chance of day break. we'll open up the heat wave, part good. the heat index to be about 105- 110. mid-90s in the weekend. low 90s, we may take some of the steam early in the air early next week. you could follow us anytime at wmar.comment
8:59 am

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